Nikah Service

Nikah and Marriage Services

Seeking a potential spouse for yourself or someone else while within Islamic guidelines?

Taqwa has recognized that finding a suitable Muslim partner the SUNNAH way is becoming a vast problem in the West. As a trusted Islamic service provider since 1995, Taqwa would like to contribute to the community and address this issue. We are here to help Muslim singles find their sole mates without compromising their DEEN and retaining modesty and respect.

  • Single or divorced, we are here to help you find suitable life partner within the Islam guidelines.
  • Rest assured that your record and profile information is strictly held confidential. All profile will only be viewed by qualified individual and shared with ideal prospect with your consent.
  • Sharia guidelines and etiquette are followed throughout the process

Marriage is part of faith and it is part of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Marriage is a commitment and relationship that starts in this Dunya (world) and will continue Insha Allah in Paradise together. Begin this sacred relationship within the bounds of Islam for a happy and successful life Insha Allah.

Families and individuals can contact us to obtain further information. Must make an appointment for consultations.