Mission and Goal

Mission Statement:

The mission of TAQWA Sunday School is to provide Islamic education, and Qur’an Reading to all students in Bay Area, Muslim Community. We are dedicated to promote Islamic beliefs, values and manners based on Qur’an, & Sunnah that will develop self-esteem, personality and pride in Muslim Identity in our children. It is open to all students. The staff and students come from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


TAQWA Islamic Center will strive to achieve this goal by providing:

  1. Classes in Islamic Studies, Qur’an Reading and understanding of Qur’an Studies based on the teachings of Islam and on the life of our Beloved Prophet.
  2. Provide positive learning Islamic environment that can benefit the students in Muslim Community.
  3. Cultivate Morals and set of values based on Al-Tawheed (Principle of faith)
  4. Foster and help our students to become proud, practicing Muslims, in-shaa-Allah.
  5. Envision and Empower Young Muslim Leaders.
  6. Provide different activities throughout the year, including Eid Celebrations,graduation party and joined activities with other Islamic communities.


Our main focus will not be only limited to Islamic Studies, Qur’an Reading & Recitation.we will focus more

To Provide basic knowledge to our students based on the teachings of Islam and Five Pillars.

To Inspire and motivate our children to learn Sunnah and Qur’anic Principles by using Islamic Hadith.

To Teach Islamic Manners, behaviors and etiquette.