Mohammed Abdul Majeed


Originally from Hyderabad, India .Imam Mohammed has attained certifications as a Hafiz, Qari, and Alim. After becoming an Imam in 1989, he arrived in the U.S. in 1992 and assumed this position at the Jamil Mosque in Palo Alto. Shortly thereafter, he began to lead prayers at Masjid Noor in Santa Clara. While there, well-respected leaders within the community asked him to teach their children privately. During the two years he taught at their homes, he discovered a very significant demand for Quran classes yet a tremendous shortage of qualified Arabic teachers. This situation ignited his passion to begin teaching the Quran and in 1996, he established Taqwa Islamic School. At that time, it was the very first Hifz School in the entire Bay Area.

He feels truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to fulfill one of his lifetime goals by educating the community. Since its humble beginnings from his garage, thousands of students have graduated from Taqwa. During his 19 years in the Bay Area, he has provided a host of religious and educational services at several masajid and Islamic Centers throughout the Greater Bay Area. In-shaa-Allah, Taqwa Islamic Center will enable him to attain his ultimate lifetime goal: to develop Huffaz, who are religious and secular scholars, to lead the masses. Ameen.