Tuition Fees:

Sunday School Tuition and Fees (Yearly)per student

Registration Fees $25

Books & Supplies (as per grade level) $75

Tuition (Annual) $40 per month $480

Snacks (per child) $70

Total Yearly Fees per student $650

Parents are encouraged to pay total tuition at the time of enrollment. Parents can request to pay the yearly tuition fees in two to three installments.

Students are placed in the grade level corresponding to their age. In some cases, some students can be registered in different grades based on teacher’s recommendations and/or their performance.

TAQWA Sunday school will use different educational material, Teachers may utilize other materials and activities as they see fit such as audio, video, visual presentations, etc.

Books and Supplies:

Books are supplied by the school. Students are required to bring with them paper, pencil, textbooks, and other school supplies every week,preferably in a bag.

Students are responsible for their own belongings.

All Students will be provided with set of books, supplies, integrated curriculum,syllabus and homework assignments by designated class teacher.

Enrollment Process:

Registering during first 3 weeks of May will guarantee re-enrollment for existing families in the new school year. Any family that misses the pre-registration procedure will not be guaranteed enrollment next year and will have to join the enrollment process for New Families.

For new families who want to register children in a grade level with openings, the registration process occur at the school during the first three weeks of the school year in May. All registration forms and waivers must be filled out.

Financial Aid

All families are welcome at the Taqwa Sunday School (per class openings), regardless of their ability to pay tuition fees. Financial Aid is available. If you feel it will be difficult to pay part or all of the tuition, please contact the office.

All tuition and financial aid information is held strictly confidential by the school’s Registrar.